CASE STUDY: For use in May and November Exams

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Case Study Guide

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Here is a Class Group activity for the case study Todos os MercadosCase Study Paper 1 Internal Assessment Activity

Students are to work in pre-assigned groups of no more than 4 students.

Overview: Each group will prepare in Google Docs a series of notes that adheres to the objective of collectively (as a class) creating simulated questions and responses for reviewing the Case Study in Paper 1.

The idea here is to try and pre-empt the IB by creating as many potentially similar questions as possible through in-class collaboration and shared effort.

1. The teacher will assign to each group subject topics ( e.g. Business Organization, External Environment, Marketing, Finance and Accounting). The group members will further divide the contents of each topic (Learning Outcomes) among the group members. In some cases more than one student may be assigned to the more extensive topics, e.g. Marketing.

2. Students are to apply the Business and Management syllabus Learning Outcomes of each topic assigned in developing simulated questions to the case study issued in advance by the IBO in November of each year. Refer to the Learning Outcomes in the syllabus and the sample Paper 1 questions from previous issues for examples.

3. The group is to prepare a presentation of their chosen topics with the questions and responses. Other class members are to be provided with an electronic copy and are expected to critique and improve upon the presentations.

4. A final edited and complete version of the topic prepared by each student as a group is to be distributed among all students.

5. Assessment: You will assess each other on the basis of contribution from a total of 10 points. Your assessment will be kept totally confidential.